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Building green doesn't have to mean sacrificing quality of design.  With thoughtful planning, embracing environmentally sound materials and systems can provide texture, history, and quality design elements to any space.

Incorporating green materials into your home can mean many things; old materials reused in a new way, or new materials made by environmentally sound means. Refinish existing flooring, or use flooring and beams from old structures for visual interest. Vintage fixtures used in bathrooms and kitchens are both earth friendly and design savvy options.  Or, for those who prefer new materials to old, sustainably harvested woods and recycled glass tiles are available in all styles, from classically elegant to cutting edge modern.

Incorporating green technology into a home can lessen the home's impact on the earth, and improve interior environmental quality, without conflicting with the home's look and feel.  Environmentally sound non toxic paints and materials provide the same look and feel as their standard counterparts, but keep the home free from unwanted chemicals.  Air filtration and circulation systems improve air quality; and changes like updating household heating systems and insulation, and switching to fluorescent bulbs will bring down utility costs without any noticeable change to the home's design. 

Hob Knob's founder and project manager, Maggie White, is well versed in the design possibilities available when building or retrofitting a home to environmentally sound standards.  As the owner and builder of her own artistically designed, LEED Certified home, Maggie is uniquely adept at marrying sophisticated design with green elements and technology. 

For more information on sustainable and beautiful construction on Martha's Vineyard Island, please inquire by email, or call 508.627.2266.

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