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Fast becoming the benchmark for quality building in America, building green is a construction approach easily applied to all types of real estate, from the most classic of residential homes, to large scale commercial projects, and even historic renovations.  It's an approach to building that requires those involved to think not just about what they are building, but how they're building it.  Materials used, energy efficiency, resource stewardship, and even noise and air pollution during the construction process itself are all important considerations when building green.

Building green positively effects the structure's impact on the earth, and also the lives of those who inhabit it.  Non toxic paints, materials, and measurable air quality support our health and improve our daily lives.  Heating and cooling efficiency means lower heating bills each winter, and lower electric bills each summer; and reusing materials, from refurbished wood flooring to recycled glass and fixtures, are both cost effective and add history and texture overall design. 

If you are considering building a green home on Martha's Vineyard Island, or retrofitting your exisitng Vineyard home with green technology, contact Hob Knob Construction by email, or call 508.627.2266.

Contact: Maggie White 508-627-2266 or email @
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