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Historic Renovation

Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard is a village rich in history and tradition.  Originally a fishing and whaling harbor town, Edgartown Village is known for it's authentic captain's homes and antique cape-style residences maintained over the years by its residents, who strive to preserve the best of Edgartown through both personal lifestyle and contribution, and official means by way of Edgartown's Historic District Commission. 

Stroll through Edgartown, and you wander through a world of architectural events and experiences that peak out from even the most unlikely of places.  Witness grand captain's homes with their porch ceilings painted a traditional sky blue (said to ward off bugs), small yet exquisite courtyards and outdoor living spaces tucked behind white picket fences, and custom carriage houses as exquisite and detailed as the homes themselves.

Owning a piece of historic Martha's Vineyard is a dream come true for many; a dream most often realized in the purchase of an original vintage home in need of repair.  For those special cases Hob Knob Construction is the only builder of choice.  At Hob Knob we are experts in historic renovation.  Led by builder and Martha's Vineyard expert Maggie White, Hob Knob artfully marries the new with the old, preserving original structure and detail wherever possible, and combining it with period appropriate finishes and new architecture in a custom design suited to your Vineyard lifestyle. 

At Hob Knob Construction we intimately understand the subtle nuances and exacting hand required to restore historic homes to their original grandeur.  In doing so, we feel we are not only respecting and enhancing the home itself, but also the environment and experience of our friends and neighbors. 

Hob Knob Construction specializes in historic Edgartown renovations and additions, but are ideally suited to any historically motivated project on the island of Martha's Vineyard.  For more information on renovating a historic Martha's Vineyard home, please inquire by email, or call 508.627.2266.

Hob Knob Construction   11 Tilton Way, P.O. Box 121, Edgartown, MA 02539
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